My Paradise Lost

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Although to some it might seem a peculiar stretch, it is not hard to my mind to make the connections that explain our blindness to the causes changing our climate. This list of factors include greed, complacency, jealousy: the list goes on and on. It is also about knowing and choosing, about free will. If you are interested in the text of the book, please write me and I can send it to you, though I think it is legible in the still images to the right. The premise for the show proposed that each artist would have a series of cards drawn for them from a deck that Tetenbaum had devised.

U of T alumna Erin Shields’s adaptation of Paradise Lost to première at Stratford Festival

The cards showed categories of content and structure in bookart, and each artist had to create their book for the show using the results of the cards drawn for them. I use the fall from grace caused by a failure of free will as an allegory for the environmental rape and destruction of Earth. In the second section the Snake convinces Adam and Eve to use their free will and partake of the forbidden fruit. In the final and third section God speaks: there are consequences for the human fall from grace and resulting destruction of the Garden.

My Paradise Lost: Misadventures to manhood in the Panama Canal Zone

At the end there is a final cautionary coda which predicts an unhappy ending for mankind but restoration for Eden. While in Hawaii during December , I could not help but notice some of the unhappy results that ever-increasing human populations were making on the ecosystems of Oahu. Favorite Artists by R-Trof. My Artists by filiuta.

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