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So secret that they have never before been committed to paper but exist only in the minds of a handful of men, and one woman. Secrets so terrifying that the burden of knowledge is almost unbearable. Gerald takes Dan back in time to the last years of the Cold War, of spies and espionage, life, death and danger, a time before Dan was even born.

The Balance of Good & Evil / Yin & Yang

Gerald explains gently why he had to end their relationship so abruptly and harshly, and begs forgiveness for a terrible and tragic wrong. And he makes a promise Dan receives the letter and story in a sealed package two years later, with a covering letter from Gerald's step-daughter which breaks the news of his death. A few days later, Dan receives an email from her with 'the final chapter' of Gerald's story in the form of a diary which she finds on his computer. On a scale of to 10, Harry would be 10, and LV would be Harry being the positive number would not mix with LV, the negative number.

It would be the perfect solution for balance the universe is struggling to achieve. Maybe the One does not represent an actual person in flesh, but the good force that resides in a being. So maybe there is some way to get rid of the evil force that resides in Tom Riddle and the pure goodness in Harry, without literally killing the body.

The Balance of Good & Evil / Yin & Yang – Confirm Within

For example, if the souls combined in some way and mixed together, then each Tom and Harry would pass some of their respective traits to each other. But just think for a sec.

Maybe, this process of combining souls has already begun. See, it does seem like Harry and LV are already combining into one neutral soul. Harry did seem a lot angrier in OotP.

And that in itself, should scare us. So, in the end, I believe that neither Evil or Good will conquer, but the universe will turn back to a neutral phase.

The Real Revenge of Montezuma: Voyage Conclusions

It soon becomes apparent to the twins their only hope for survival will be to use the power of the Gifter's Ring to destroy the Brethren. Read a FREE excerpt.

Do Good and Evil Exist? - Sadhguru

They have been with us for eternities using their power to slip between slices of time and appear. Now there's one Master who seeks a Coven member that has the power to establish the connection again.


A five year old child who holds the key to the Brethren's continued existence. The Power of the Three is the third installment of The Gifter's Ring Saga, a story of a family unknowingly possessing the ability to see and destroy evil walking among the living. In The Power of the Three the family chooses to take the fight to the Brethren sacrificing any advantage they may have in order to take back what was stolen.