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Go to level 6. These lessons feature natural English about more complex topics.

The level of English is very natural and the speakers use many specific words and terms in their discussion. Go to level 7.

Shape Your Message and Boost Your Business by Taking Cues from the Environment

Views - Going Paleo Free printable worksheets for teachers and students looking for in-class or offline materials. Views - And the winner is..?

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Views - Do you enjoy cooking? Views - How to Learn English! Views - About the Flat! Views - Are you a budget traveler? Practice basic grammar and word order. Practice linking phrases and words. Practice function words like conjunctions and prepositions. Learn words with similar meanings and uses.

Learn word forms and grammar tenses. Work on spelling, reading skills, word collocations. Audio Lessons Video Lessons Contact. All Levels Worksheets! Free Lesson Downloads Views - Going Paleo Free printable worksheets for teachers and students looking for in-class or offline materials. Here are five natural principles that will help you create purposeful marketing:.

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There are two geckos in the photo at left. Which one do you see first? Camouflage is one of many methods of deception that animals use to better their chances of survival. In crypsis , animals become difficult to sense because they blend in with their surroundings. You need to stand out from your surroundings to get noticed. In marketing speak, that means differentiating yourself from your competitors. Ten years ago adherence to the triple bottom line was a powerful differentiator, but these days customers expect more from conscious brands.

Dandelions and other plant species use community level marketing to spread their message — er, seeds. Many plant species depend on other organisms and natural forces to disperse their seeds. If the seeds took root right below the parent plant, the competition for sunlight and water would make it challenging for them to survive.

Some seeds are appealing to birds that digest them and then excrete them far from the parent plant. Still other plants, like the mangrove, depend on water for seed dispersal and some depend on the heat of fire to open their seed cones.

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There are methods of automating seed sowing used in agriculture, like the seed drill. To really engage your target customers and achieve widespread reach for your purposeful brand, find ways to make your customers partners in purpose.

Level 1 - Low Beginner

Just like plants use other forces to carry their seeds to new places, you can leverage approaches like community level marketing to engage new audiences who share your purpose and to motivate loyal customers to spread the word. You probably know that squirrels like to eat acorns, and you might think that would negatively affect oak tree reproduction. They then fail to recover roughly 74 percent of the nuts they bury.

Some of these grow into oak trees, and closer inspection reveals that the composition of the acorns encourages behaviors that are favorable to oak tree growth.

B the Change

Red-oak acorns have more lipids yummy fats toward the top and more tannins the biomolecule that makes red wine bitter toward the bottom where the seed part is. Squirrels will often eat the yummy top then discard the seed-containing and bitter bottom, leaving it to take root and grow. What does all of this have to do with marketing? Then you can decide how to incentivize them with tangible rewards like discounts, referral bonuses, and charity donations; less tangible benefits like assistance realizing their aspirational selves; or a combination of the two.

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Elephants never forget … that a long gestation period can be worth the wait! The same goes for your lead nurturing process. It helps to remember that acquisition-focused gains are often just that: upticks. If you set your sights on winning repeat customers rather than just making the sale, you can build a community of customer advocates to bolster your bottom line long-term. After all, increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent has been shown to increase profits by 25 percent to 95 percent.

Lessons from nature 2

This fascinating specimen is not a single organism, nor is it a jellyfish. By using your purpose to connect with your customers and provide meaning-filled experiences , you can motivate them to be your partners in change and promote your brand.