My Paradise Lost

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He would have dropped to his knees if he knew it would save his life. He saw no reminiscing about the good old days or empathy for his fallen comrade. He knew he would get no mercy here. That was why, as Mick was about to slice off his left ear too, and undoubtedly slice off other parts too, one part at a time, Lorenzo did the unthinkable in his line of work. He told.

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And everybody stood still. They looked at their boss. But their boss was staring at Zo with an intensity that bordered on rage.

Lorenzo swallowed hard. He knew he had to get it right. And Rudy Balotti knew it too. Danny frowned. What the fuck does Rudy Balotti have to do with this? What does that have to do with this? Lorenzo was in so much pain that his face was a mask of agony. He found out it was going down and his men pulled an intercept while it still sailed in international waters. Like fucking pirates! He outsmarted everybody. He knew it was going down and outsmarted everybody. Danny looked at Mick. Some say he did it for Sal. For his old man.

He knew you had a thing against Sal for what Sal did to Sprig. But I say he did it for himself, or he would have never dragged Sal into a war with you. Because once that cargo was lifted, he ran to his old man for protection. Mick knew Rudy Balotti was up to something when he came to him with that bullshit story about needing his protection.

Your organization got a piece of the pie. A piece of my pie! Lorenzo shook his head.

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Dread filled his heart. And I do love you!

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I was just saying when I started that something good should happen to Sal. You can crave one thing and be happy with something else. Jan 25, Tanielle rated it liked it. As always a good read but I still don't like the typical "wise guy" way the characters interact. Don't like Val for Jimmy at all and I'll be glad when she's gone because she really seems more like Shanks, without all the training, than anyone.

I'm ready to get back to my two favorites Sal and Mick now though.

Reno Gabrini: A Family Affair

May 24, Fern Duncan rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. A very good read! I am so mad at Val. She turned out to be hateful. Apr 05, Niki rated it it was amazing. Impressed I enjoyed this book. I didn't think I would. I mean what else could you write about this family. I read this series from the start and every spin off from The Mob Boss Series.

Reno Gabrini: A Man in Full

There was some repetitive ness but I understand it is to bring everyone up to speed if you are just read this book as a stand alone. This story kept my attention all day. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It was nice to see the chara Impressed I enjoyed this book. It was nice to see the characters stretching themselves to step out of their perspective boxes. May 01, Catherine Anderson rated it it was amazing.

In my opinion this is the best. This book kept my interest from the first word to the last. It was well written , believable, and heart touching not to mention action packed. I liked the way she dealt with the family issues. There were parts that actually had me on the verge of tears.

A very well written book. A must read. Waiting on her next book and hoping it will Sal's and Gemma's story. Apr 06, Charmaine Carby rated it it was amazing. Keep rolling them out Mallory This is such a fantastic read. Each character was given due diligence but the story line was about Reno and Trina. I love how Mallory centre the theme of the book about family. It was so sweet to see Reno reconnecting with his children As what I always say Mallory writing is like fine wine.

It gets better and better with every book she pens Thanks for such a great read. Apr 11, sylvia corley rated it it was amazing. Good Read As always, a very good read. I love me some Reno and Trina.

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  • Somebody is always trying Reno and lose every time. Val really get on my nerve, right now she's not what Jimmy needs in my opinion, she's to stuck on Reno Gabrini for my taste. Because Jimmy got the goods and she goes for older guy. I just didn't get that! So glad about the baby,you readers have read the book to know who's having a baby. Apr 10, --karen Green-berry rated it it was amazing.

    Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

    Another winner As expected, Mallory Monroe did not disappoint. She brought the non stop, page turning drama in this latest episode. Reno Gabrini has enemies emerging from all corners and he will stop at nothing to protect his beloved Tree and the rest of his family. Great suspense, highly charged sex scenes are all a part of the brand. Apr 07, Regina O.

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    COOK rated it it was amazing. Couldn't put down, love reading about Dommi and Sophia. Reno and Trina continue to be an amazing couple. Sal and Gemma love them together another amazing couple. Can't wait for Sal Gabrini next edition. Jun 04, pjones rated it it was amazing. Just returning. I was reluctant to read your books again after want happen with Tommy and Grace but you put them back together. This my second book but still waiting for the another shoe to drop. I loved the book took me a while to buy and read it. It was entertaining and had me wanting more.