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But it seems His Lordship has another kind of discipline in mind, and soon innocent Emma is thrust into a thrilling new world of pain and pleasure. Will a mere spanking satisfy his Lordship? Or will he feel the desire to punish his maid further? Absolutely anything? Or will he feel the desire to punish his maid further, perhaps until she can take no more? You're a good girl.


I knew that the first time I saw you. A good, obedient girl, with a nice round arse and big juicy titties. A good girl, but it would seem a bad maid. So, you must be disciplined. Before I begin though, I want you to promise me one thing. Whatever I ask of you, you will obey. Will you make that promise?

After all, I was already bent over, my bottom bared for him, about to be given a spanking. What more could he ask of me? Now face forward. My palms were sweaty, and I could feel them slipping on the varnished wood of the desk. Please watch this space.

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Subscribe to Lady2Maid Blog Newsletter. Labels: blog , camille langtry. Chapter 5. Now she was an avid reader, spending much of her time there. She found this window to another world fascinating. Jenny had read extensively on the continent of Africa and the work of missionaries there. Marianne had encouraged her to study this subject and with her acquired depth of knowledge Jenny had become quite an informed expert.

No longer seen walking around Long Lawns or sitting at her studies with books tottering on her head, Jenny sat with her back ramrod straight and strode purposely through the rooms of Long Lawns with her head held confidently high. Labels: downgrade , jackie j , maid , mistress , role swap , spanking , story , victorian. Friday, August 16, Story: Maid in Oaxaca. Monica Graz is back with another instant classic of the TG maid genre.

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She's kindly allowed me to repost this story here this is complete part 1 and beginning of part 2; the full version is to appear on Mags Inc as usual. Excellent research on her part and a great read, as always. Patricia Martinez Torres is a pretty and highly intelligent Mexican girl in her mid twenties living in New York.

She is the sole inheritor of vast pieces of land and properties in the southern state of Oaxaca at the vicinity of the town of Juchitan. In the district of Juchitan is the land on the ancient Zapotec people whose language and culture still thrive there. One of the many distinguishing characteristics of Juchitan is its population of muxes pronounced moo-shays which means women in Zatopecan dialect, clearly influenced by the Spanish word mujer for woman. But the muxes are not biological women, they are people who were born biologically male and were encouraged to dress from an early age in female clothes either because they manifested some inclination towards that or because the family had too many sons and needed a substitute daughter to take up female duties within the family, usually with the blessings and the complete tolerance of the society.

Some have their breasts enhanced, others have nose jobs. Quite a number of then are permanently dressed as females wearing the colorful dresses, so popular within their culture. The majority of muxes start very young, before their teens and are trained in womanly ways by family and friends, taking their place in Zapotec cultural tradition that predates the Spanish colonizers. Labels: culture change , maid , mistress , monica graz , story , tg. Chapter 4. The only thing disturbing her thoughts was the risk of the potatoes boiling dry. Yes, Jenny was a new mistress and she had taken advantage picking and choosing like she had with the conditions stipulated in the contact.

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But hacking her lovely hair Would it really matter? Marianne was right. Briar Rose is Please sign in to write a review. If you have changed your email address then contact us and we will update your details. We have recently updated our Privacy Policy.

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Your local Waterstones may have stock of this item. These two novellas by the groundbreaking, fearless, and immeasurably influential Robert Coover are dirty, funny and brilliant. In Briar Rose a sleeping beauty is trapped in an enchantment for a hundred years, dreaming of stories in which someone like her wakes up disappointed, or becomes a mother, or is stripped and defiled.

And, as she dreams, outside, failed princes die and hang their remains on the thorns of a briar hedge.

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In Spanking the Maid a maid and her master are each committed to their own hard service: she, attempting to perform her simple duties without error; he, supplying punishment by rod, belt, hairbrush, whip, cane and slipper when she inevitably fails. These tales of desire are Coover at his most darkly playful. Added to basket. Tropic of Cancer. Henry Miller.