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Fear, loathing, lust and all-out kung fu action in Outcast, Part One of Six! The original Kato has gone looking for a connection to his youth. What he has found will teach the new Green Hornet team that deadly danger isn't exclusive to the streets of Century City.

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Writers Martin Grams Jr, Terry Salomonson Since The Green Hornet first appeared on radio in , he has made the transition to motion pictures, comics, and television. For the first time, the complete story of this crime fighter is unmasked, as prolific TV and radio historians Martin Grams and Terry Salomonson usher you into the Black Beauty. A complete history of the radio series from the creation to the untold adventures is all provided under one cover. Also included are the two cliffhanger serials of the early forties, the unaired television pilot, the long-running comic books, and the William Dozier television series starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee.

Whether you are a casual fan or a serious enthusiast of the series, here is everything you want to know about The Green Hornet! Haffner Press - February Newsletter! We're still finalizing the contents of the first two volumes. Next month we'll launch a new page with more details and plan to share the finalized contents.

Moore, we have taken the few remaining copies of this page pamphlet, had them autographed by Ms. Odds and Ends. This was our most expensive book to produce ever! Illustrators is all about some of the most iconic images ever to see print. In the pages of Illustrators you will read about some of the most inspired artists to commit their art to print. These are the people who with brush, pen and pencil were capable of transporting their audiences to the farthest reach of their imaginations.

The audiences that many of these artists were catering for were international, their work was collected and admired by readers the length and breadth of Europe and the US.

Bob's Mystery Spider Finally ID'ed!

But with the passing of years and the ascendancy of new media, much of this brilliant and inspirational work is falling from the collective conscious. Illustrators will remedy that by presenting you with a publication that four times a year will guide you through the stories behind these artists, the publishers that commissioned them, the agents that promoted them, the friends and partners that posed for them and the crazy stuff such as the artist who created his incredible covers in an unfurnished bedsit with a parrot for company.

All this and more will be revealed in each edition of Illustrators. These features written by some of the most eminent enthusiasts of this oft neglected art form will provide a contextualization to the truly fabulous artwork which we will be presenting you with in each and every issue of Illustrators. Wherever possible we will be bringing you scans of some of the most incredible examples of original artwork by the artists concerned.

Our first issue debuts with a feature on Denis McLoughlin and an interview with the legendary Ian Kennedy looking back on his sixty two years in the business. Check it out! Marvel Comics. But something even deadlier moves silently in the night, answering the call of the ancient serpent god Set. A faithful servant of darkness, the wizard Thoth-Amon toils in Aquilonia and prays for a rebirth of power that will unleash untold evils!

As The Phantom battles to end the war ripping Bengali asunder, Kit Walker finally learns the dark secrets behind the Walkabout Foundation's role in fomenting discord in the troubled African nation. But his end might come in another subterranean grotto when he meets a woman named… Diana Palmer! Part three of the "Hanging" story line finds Lone Ranger ready to swing from the gallows of a town called Utopia.

Tonto has made his way back from death at the bottom of a canyon, but now he has just one chance to save the Ranger.

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Taking that chance could leave both heroes dead, along with half of Utopia's citizens. It's a deadly stampede of justice, as the Hard Country arc nears its thunderous conclusion. Lovecraft describing the truth hidden beneath the surface of his most nightmarish stories. But Ming's deviously imagined schemes are complicated by a fetching beauty selected to be a ritual sacrifice to the insatiable Sharkmen! Who will prevail? Even on pitiless Mongo, Ming the Merciless knows that blood is thicker than water! Martin is dedicating his tale to the memory of the late Howard Hopkins, a great friend and brilliant writer, who surely would have been included in this volume.

Seven astronauts en route to Mars encounter a time warp in space that disables their ship.

Crash landing on Earth, they discover an alien planet sixty million years before the dinosaurs. Pangaea, the super continent, is filled with danger and terror, as they must survive against fierce reptiles that ruled the Earth million years in the past! Ten people considered to be involved in the New Pulp Movement significantly at this point were invited to participate on the Lifetime Achievement Selection Committee.

Each of these Committee members were given an opportunity to nominate three people for the Award.

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The top three from these nominations were then placed on a ballot and the Committee voted from that ballot. To qualify for the recognition, a person must have been heavily involved in Pulp in some capacity significantly for at least ten years and had a known impact on Pulp. Known for his ability to work in multiple genres as well as his absolute love for all things Pulp, Howard first came to the notice of many Pulp fans as the publisher of Golden Perils, one of the first and premier Pulp fanzines.

Hopkins' publishing career involved many stories in many genres and included him working not only as a writer, but as a Pulp historian and an Editor. This award will be given posthumously as Hopkins passed away suddenly on January 12, Nominated last year, Howard was the fifth highest nominated in for the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.

One needs simply to look at the voluminous list of fiction as well as non fiction and editing Howard did to see that this award is the least that he is worthy of. Many of us have learned how to better our craft because of Howard. And we will continue to learn from him for years to come. Episode Pulp Ark - New! Tommy and Ron talk about the first Pulp Ark, its place in New Pulp history and its overall importance as well as talk about the changes and guests and even some programming for the event this year to be held in Batesville, AR April !

The first five stories are collected in this issue. The remainder of the series will appear in our next issue.

Then, at the funeral, he leaped out to murder a princess. As enemies beset her on everty side, can Queen Sonja find the assassin who threatens to plunge her realm into bloodshed? But Secret Service Detective Stories never materialized. That July, a radio program by that same name debuted to strong ratings. It later became even more famous as Gang Busters.

Pulp editors always looked to Hollywood and the headlines for inspiration. G-Man stood for Government Men, specifically F. These were the days of iron-fisted Federal Bureau of Investigation director J. Edgar Hoover battling back the gangster tide that was overrunning major cities all across America. In the pulps, the urban menace of mobster crime had given rise to The Shadow and all the superhuman crime-fighters who followed.

They were ready for the real deal. So they created Special Agent Daniel Fowler. To write the exploits of such a non-nonsense hero, they understood that they needed a writer of a different cut than the boys who were grinding out The Phantom Detective every month. Maybe they tried a few of their Phantom authors and they flopped. In any case, they called in George Fielding Eliot, a former major in U.

Spider #33, June (Audiobook) by Grant Stockbridge, |

Titled after an underworld slang term for kidnapping, with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping fresh in the public consciousness, and inspired by the notorious Purple Gang, the premier exploit of Dan Fowler and his team was called Snatch! It was an instant success among readers who had been reading daily newspaper accounts of the F. Their bodies were fast piling up—filled with government lead, with no sign of The Shadow or the Spider anywhere in real life.

Seared by crime, trained by Hoover, and motivated by a stern sense of justice, Special Agent Fowler went on to a long and successful career spanning nearly two decades, and a single film, Federal Bullets. Only the death of the pulp magazine industry put an end to his fame. If you like Richard's hard-hitting performance as much as we do, expect to hear a big announcement regarding Richard Epcar and Radio Archives next month. We can't wait! Operator 5 eBook 1 The Masked Invasion Invisible, secret, deadly, the masked empire wielded its dread power of darkness throughout the nation.

Havoc and ruin followed the terror-torn thousands who fled the country to escape the Thirteenth Darkness. Into the arena of the endless war which society wages on the criminal has stepped a new and gallant warrior — Dan Fowler, special agent of the Department of Justice. Tireless, vigilant and daring, Dan faces the sinister forces of the underworld, determined to wrest the strangle-hold of crime from the throat of humanity!

Armed with courage and an insuperable power of strategy and deduction, he pits all his strength and energy against the gangster and the racketeer. What is the secret of this sinister genius who has but to reach out to slay? Why has he marked these 12 to die? How gets he the power to summon ghosts legions against the living? Only one man has a clue to the strange power of Doctor Death and that man faces torture and death to combat the master of carnage. He will massacre us all! For Zara rose from Underworld filth He forced strong men to commit suicide in remorse for murders they had never committed.

He forced Nita to betray the Spider, the man she loved above all others. He made Commissioner Kirkpatrick a traitor to his oath of office, which he held higher than life itself. Also available!

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It will offer the author's preferred edit of the novel, along with a new short Doc Wilde adventure, and like future books will have a new cover and be fully illustrated by maestro Gary Chaloner. Book 3, to be named soon, will follow in November. For more information visit Tim Byrd's Blog at the link below!

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Art by Gary Chaloner. The first shows us a glimpse into what the future may hold for Cliff and Betty. The second is a thrilling adventure of the Rocketeer locked in combat with a long-range bomber intent on destruction.