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For example, if your goal is to reinvent your career, what would you like to be doing and by what date?

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If you have more than one area in which you would like to reinvent yourself, write each down then prioritize them in the order of importance -- most to least. Don't spread yourself too thin. Focus on one goal, one change at a time.

Begin by working on the top priority items. Once you have identified the area in which you are to focus your attention, build an action plan. Define milestones, workable steps and action items between your starting point and your end point.

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At each checkpoint, compare your progress against your goal. If you are on track, reward yourself and continue onward. If you fall behind or get off course, simply rework your plan and adjust accordingly. Persistence is key.

There are five key steps in any personal rebranding:

Many of us require on going motivational prompts when working on a plan or goal. A good way to is to create written reminder cards, cut out magazine pictures, or print off motivational quotes and place them in areas you frequent often: on your desk or computer, on your bathroom mirror, in your car and on your home's refrigerator.

Also, consider creating a vision board for each reinvention area of focus. Your vision board should capture every aspect of where you would like to be as a result of your reinvention. Post words, pictures, phrases and anything you come across that helps to complete a representation of your goal. Place the board in an area that you will see throughout your day, such as your office, or the room you use most often at home. One of the best ways to improve your powers of reinvention is to ask for help.

Share your reinvention plan with mentors, your boss, your spouse or partner, friends and families.

Ask for feedback regarding your plan. Are there areas that need further definition or refinement? Do they have suggestions on where you can improve your plan? Feedback is essential, particularly when working on areas involving emotion. While your plan may be perfect, it never hurts to gain a second opinion and some objective outside perspective from those you trust. Also, give others permission to hold you accountable during the process.

Ask them to note your plan's milestones or check points in their calendar and, if appropriate, schedule a brief meeting or conversation to review results. When you feel discouraged, reach out and ask for help. Here a life coach, counselor, or therapist may be of real value. Don't forget, so many successful people have mentors. Because you are a human being, you can reinvent yourself again and again throughout your life -- provided you put your mind to work for you in the task.

Regardless of the past or of the present, you have the power to change who you are, who others believe you are, your personal circumstances, or your career path. Combining your desires with your imagination and systematically working through your reinvention plan, you can change your life to almost any direction you desire. Follow these four simple steps and make it happen!

Peter Field is a UK registered psychotherapist, nutritionist, and board certified hypnotherapist. His new book The Chi of Change focuses on the fascinating world of hypnotherapy. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

5 Tips for How to Reinvent Yourself

Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Wellness. All rights reserved. Unfortunately, however, people often view that as the sign of a dilettante. This is particularly relevant for the fresh-out-of-college set, whose early career opportunities have been hobbled by the recession. One caveat is that your narrative must be consistent with your past. Politicians are pilloried for obvious, poll-driven personality changes. His socially conscious rebranding was directly challenged in a Fast Company profile that quoted a number of former staffers deriding his purportedly abrasive management style. The harder slog is reintroducing yourself to your existing network. First make sure that all your contact points Facebook, LinkedIn, personal website, and so forth are consistent and up-to-date. Jason, an IT contractor from New York City, had a successful business doing hands-on database administration. When he sought to rebrand himself as an IT strategy consultant, he rolled out a new website and e-newsletter to ensure that he was sending clients and colleagues the right message.

Blast e-mails are a start, but they too often go unread. In some cases your reintroduction may also involve addressing negative perceptions—and being disciplined about sticking to new behavior that better reflects your aspirations. Before his U. But on the campaign trail and in office Franken has used only the gentlest humor, made an effort to forge bipartisan relationships, and focused on serious policy issues, garnering several early legislative successes.

Volunteering on political campaigns or for charitable causes is one high-profile way to make new contacts and develop new skills. Leveraging opportunities within your company is another. If a major new initiative is launching, try to jump on board. The first step is securing your own internet domain name and starting to produce unique intellectual property. The second, even more critical, is ensuring that your material offers real value.

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You can quickly establish your expertise if you help people solve a problem or do something better, as was the case with Brian Clark no relation , a former attorney who founded the website Copyblogger and has built a huge following with frequent tip-laden posts on how to improve web content and gain online followers. Make a focused effort to publish in respected journals, speak at industry conferences, or take on a leadership role in your trade association.

The resulting visibility, connections, and credibility can pay major dividends. Finally, you have to be consistent and committed as you move forward. And a onetime charitable gift is nice but quickly forgotten. The key is long-term effort. Michael Milken—once best known as a s high-flier jailed for securities violations—dramatically redeemed his reputation through more than three decades of committed philanthropy. The challenge is to be strategic about identifying how you wish to be perceived, developing a compelling story that explains your evolution, and then spreading that message. Informal leadership.

Dorie Clark. March Issue Explore the Archive. Executive Summary Reprint: RE People reinvent themselves all the time—they may want a new challenge, a new line of work, or a new image among their colleagues. There are five key steps in any personal rebranding: 1. Define your destination and acquire the necessary skills.

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Develop a narrative that describes your transition in terms of the value it offers others. Prove your worth by establishing and promoting your track record. A version of this article appeared in the March issue of Harvard Business Review. Partner Center.