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In Hasidic Judaism , the institution of the Tzadik assumed central importance, combining former elite mysticism with social movement for the first time. The concept of sant or bhagat is found in North Indian religious thought including Sikhism , most notably in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The term Sant is applied in the Sikh and related communities to beings that have attained enlightenment through God realization and spiritual union with God via repeatedly reciting the name of God Naam Japo.

Countless names of God exist, in Sikhism, Naam spiritual internalization of God's name is commonly attained through the name of Waheguru , which translates to "Wondrous Guru". Sants grace the Sadh Sangat with knowledge of the Divine God, and how to take greater steps towards obtaining spiritual enlightenment through Naam. Gurus are the physical incarnation of God upon Earth. Sikhism states however, that any beings that have become one with God are considered synonymous with God. As such, the fully realized Sant, Guru, and God are considered one.

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Further information: Glorification. Main article: Saints in Anglicanism. Further information: Saints in Methodism. See also: Afro-American religion. See also: Buddha and Bodhisattva. Main article: Hindu saints. Main article: Wali. Main article: Tzadik. See also: Sant religion. Saints portal. Making Saints.

Among other Christian churches, the Russian Orthodox retains a vigorous devotion to the saints, especially the early church fathers and martyrs. On rare occasions, new names usually monks or bishops are grafted onto their traditional list of saints Something like the cult continues among Anglicans and Lutherans, who maintain feast days and calendars of saints. But while the Anglicans have no mechanism for recognizing new saints, the Lutherans from time to time do informally recommend new names Da Hammarskjold, Dietrick Bonhoeffer, and Pope John XXIII are recent additions for thanksgiving and remembrance by the faithful.

The saint, then, is a familiar figure in all world religions. But only the Roman Catholic Church has a formal, continuous, and highly rationalized process for 'making' saints. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Retrieved 7 May Thomson Gale Encyclopedia of Religion 2nd ed. Historians of religion have liberated the category of sainthood from its narrower Christian associations and have employed the term in a more general way to refer to the state of special holiness that many religions attribute to certain people.

The Jewish hasid or tsaddiq , the Muslim waliy , the Zoroastrian fravashi , the Hindu rsi or guru, the Buddhist arahant or bodhisattva, the Daoist shengren, the Shinto kami and others have all been referred to as saints. Saint Veneration Among the Jews in Morocco. Wayne State University Press. Retrieved 7 September Veneration of saints is a universal phenomenon.

All monotheistic and polytheistic creeds contain something of its religious dimension Archived from the original on 29 July Retrieved 19 December Saints and Virtues. Berkeley: University of California Press , Holy See. Retrieved 4 May A 5-Step Process". Retrieved 23 September Retrieved 12 October Anthony Messenger Press, , xvi. New Cambridge Medieval History: c. Retrieved 23 May CBS News.

Chorpenning, Joseph F.

Bicknell writes, invocation may mean either of two things: the simple request to a saint for his prayers intercession , 'ora pro nobis,' or a request for some particular benefit. Kolb, R. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, Methodist Church in Britain. Retrieved 15 June Retrieved 25 December Archived from the original on 17 August Thomson Gale Encyclopedia of Religion in Tajik.

Sainthood Second ed. Macmillan Reference USA. The Essentials of Hinduism. Contemporary Hinduism: Ritual, Culture, and Practice. That is sad because I think the author has a great idea in this book, but based on misconceptions according to Scripture which means one must read it with caution and maybe a bible to refer to while reading it.

Sep 29, Todd Coburn rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-living.

These words spring to mind as the author paints the heart of God as it could be. In this lovely book, the author tells the story of God and of mankind, starting with creation and culminating with the Church being reunited with Jesus Christ when she is presented to Him as His bride. Yet Gene's perspective is unique in that his focus is on God's yearning for a love relationship and on His loving actions in crafting this relationship by giving up of Himself. Gene artf Beautiful. Gene artfully tells the story of how Adam's loneliness before Eve prepared Him to have a piece of Himself removed to be fashioned into his mate which then returns to Him as the two become one flesh in marriage.

He then paints the history of mankind as he traces God's preparation of mankind for becoming His bride. Gene reveals how the Church is formed from Jesus Christ in the same manner that Eve was formed from Adam. Yet as Eve became bone of Adam's bone and flesh of his flesh, since she was made from Adam's flesh and bone, Christians have become Spirit of His Spirit since our new birth is a result of His Spirit indwelling ours and giving it life.

Let me say that again in case you missed it. God fashioned Eve from Adam by taking his flesh and bone and forming her into a new being. When she became his bride, Adam declares they are one again since she is bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh. This is the beauty of the marriage relationship that God has instituted and ordained, that two become one. Yet God fashioned the church from Jesus Christ by taking His Spirit and placing it inside of each believer so that the deadness of their human spirit could spring to life in Christ.

This makes us one spirit with Jesus Christ, and all who are indwelt by the Spirit of Jesus Christ are part of His Church, and are little versions of Him, so that we are called Christians. Yet even more beautifully, we are His bride since we were fashioned from Him and for Him so that we can have a loving, passionate relationship with God Almighty through His Son, Jesus Christ who bought us with His blood and who fashioned us with His own Spirit. This is true love. This is true romance. This is true passion.

Five thumbs up. Feel the passion. Seek Jesus Christ. Fuel your desire by reading Gene's book. View 1 comment. Jan 19, Jewell Drury rated it it was amazing. This is a fiction book which shares the love story of a God with his people but closer than that His love story with me. The story unravels beautifully like a play before your eyes as you get to see and hear conversations between Angels , of people through the ages as you catch a glimpse of Gods heart through the centuries. This is the best love story ever written in my view and it will compel you to the very heart of God as you become undone by his love for you. Aug 19, Amy rated it it was amazing. Gene Edwards has such insight and revelation into the mysteries of God and such a poetic, yet clear and concise way of bringing them to the page.

I love the imagination mixed with truth in this story of the ultimate love of God for me.. His Bride. May 07, Jake rated it did not like it. Some really classy writing, but the premise of a lonely God looking for a counterpart, takes the imagery of Christ and the Church to a perilous extreme. The end result is a colossally unedifying read.


Mar 27, Jerry rated it did not like it. This book was mostly just a big mess; I bought it at a garage sale, and I still feel like I wasted my money. Jun 10, Jenel rated it it was amazing. What a read for the soul. Beautifully written. Jan 02, Christopher rated it it was amazing Shelves: gospel , church. Gene Edwards has a way of writing that just grips you.

This one is another favorite of mine! I first read this book in I was 13 years old.

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This is the book that made me want to start writing Fantasy fiction and Christian fantasy fiction if I could swing it in the first place.