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In February, we only had three adoptions," she revealed. Leng appealed to those wanting to get a pet to consider adopting from the shelter, and give the loving animals a chance at life. To find out how you can help, call or Donations will get tax exempt receipts.

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Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia. Unleashing love for rescued strays. Hanratty said the hotel was passionate about giving back to the community. The recent visit was part of their many corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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They comprise mostly cats and dogs, including strays rescued from the streets and unwanted pets. That is not an impossible proposition.

Wednesday night against the Atlanta Hawks is a perfect example in that Towns scored 56 points on 32 attempts. However, end-of-game situations can be different — as they were on Monday. Here is that play again:.

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The way Teague decides to find Towns is not wrong, per se, but it is illustrative to how the Wolves prefer to get him the ball. Through Teague signaling for Towns to come set a screen rather than simply allowing him to seal his man in the post, Teague is dictating how Towns will be used on the possession.

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Spreading the offense around high screen-and-rolls is now what dominates actions across the league. While the shift to ball movement has rendered some of traditional posting-up obsolete — or ignored — it is still present on teams with the right personnel because it can be effective. Traditionally, this comes from the wing dumping the ball into the post and then cutting along the strongside baseline so as to clear space for the big to work — as Jeremy Lamb does here:. After Lamb cuts through, Dwight Howard becomes the only player on the strongside of the floor. For Howard to face more resistance than Myles Turner, a Pacers player would need to completely leave his man to bring a double team.

Because of this, Howard is free to go to work. In Minnesota, post-ups look different; there is very little movement in the offense following a traditional post-entry to Towns.

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This is not an isolated incident. The Wolves frequently dump into the post and become stagnant while on the perimeter. For Teague to simply stand there, he not only is adversely affecting Towns through the presence of his man, but he is essentially rendered obsolete for anything other than a kick out. Particularly three minutes into the game — when he has fresh legs — this makes little sense.

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One example would be the split cut. The biggest advantage of the split cut is that, in theory, the digger — again, the man shading towards the post for the double team — is removed from the equation. Watch here as Gary Harris split cuts through the middle of the lane after entering the ball to Nikola Jokic.

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As it pertains to Towns and the Wolves, it is these little moves that lead to fractions of points over the course of the game. Over the course of a season, the impact could be massive. Towns already shoots a beastly The scarier thing — for Wolves fans — is that this has not been put into motion. Topping the list of possessions in post-up situations this season is LaMarcus Aldridge and Joel Embiid who have and post-up possessions, respectively. Yes, as is, the Wolves have a great offense — fourth-best in the NBA when measured by points per possession — but the playoffs, like end-of-game situations, are a different beast.

Watching any prolonged offensive slog by the Wolves inspires real concern for how their offense will matchup in a seven-game playoff series.