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Last year, wind power accounted for nearly one-fifth of the electricity generated in the Texas grid, and people were still able to watch TV there. Possible solutions for that might include adding batteries or other energy storage to balance supply and demand, or improving weather forecasts so that operators can better predict the output of wind farms. Or building more transmission lines to get access to wind power from distant regions, on the principle that the wind is usually blowing somewhere in the country.

For instance, a modeling study published in Nature Climate Change found that, using existing technology, the country could get 55 percent of its electricity from wind and solar if it built a network of high-voltage transmission lines. That study analyzed reams of historical weather data and concluded that the lights would stay on even with daily and seasonal fluctuations in the wind.

To be sure, there are plenty of legitimate debates about what the power grid of the future should look like and how big a role renewable energy ought to play in that mix. But the fact that the wind can come and go is hardly a slam-dunk argument against using wind power. You might get cancer. Property values will plummet. The lights will go out if the wind drops. Now, Their Jobs Are in Renewables. All rights reserved. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service.

Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. This will alert our moderators to take action. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser settings. Lok Sabha. General Insurance Corporation of India.

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Precious Metal. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Shantanu Nandan Sharma. Prerna Katiyar. YS Jaganmohan Reddy is candid when he says he wants a hung parliament. His objective is crystal clear: be relevant in the national political spectrum after May 23, when counting of the votes cast for the Lok Sabha elections begins. India will vote for the 17th Lok Sabha in a seven-phase poll between April 11 and May Andhra will also see simultaneous assembly elections.

The polls might well demonstrate the importance of Reddy, Rao and Patnaik — the unattached trio — due to at least a couple of reasons.

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First, the three together can claim to have a strong base in 63 Lok Sabha seats — 25 in Andhra Pradesh, 17 in Telangana and 21 in Odisha — of the going to polls. The situation, however, would change in the unlikely event of a lower count. Second, all three leaders are mavericks. So they might decide to support either Congress or BJP, though the popular perception is they are more inclined towards BJP due to certain occurrences. However, in an interview to a news channel on Friday, Reddy said he was not nursing vengeance against anybody. Referring to Congress, he said he had forgiven them and a special category status to Andhra was his priority.

Reddy had earlier said he was ready to support any party that would sign on the dotted line that the state would be given special category status. He was singing the praises of technology. Electronic Frontiers Foundation, methinks. He seemed a little baffled by my question.

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Adapt or die, grampa. Can you hear me? Let me know You wanna love me, wanna love me You think you got love You think you got love right here in your hand You're holding on tight to You think you got love You think you got love right here in your hand And it's like you wanna out it inside you It's like you wanna put it deep inside you It's like you want to keep love in your heart And the only way you're going to do it is not to let it go It's like you think your rib cage is a jail cell It's like you don't think love can get past your ribs It's like you don't think love can get out Get away from you so long as you hold it inside But you're wrong The only thing you're doing Is keeping that case out, keeping love out Keeping it out, keeping it away from you You gotta open up the door You gotta open up the door, let love in Let it come and go, let it do what it wants to Do you wanna know love?

Do you wanna know real love? Real love you don't hold inside you Real love you can let go And it'll come back, it'll fly right back to you That's real, that's real love So help me out, help me out a minute Would you help me out Sing it after me I want real love Say I want real, real love I want real, real, real love I want real, real, real love Gimme real love, real love Real, real, real, real love Brent's Birthday is October 21 only four days away Nice Tribute David Thanks.

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  4. One more keyboardist I do believe Merl Saunders snuck into a few Dead albums as well. Ned Lagin Lagin's a unique player here. He was a part of some of their most interesting stuff from ''75, but he gets little to no official credit. I guess thats him making those jet sounds on Unbroken Chain. Did you now that? I didn't. Real Love Brent had the ability to raise the whole concert to another level.

    Much like Pigpen in Lovelight. It would kick the whole show up a notch. Brent, unlike the other guys would sing from so deep in his heart it was startling compared to the not so emotional other guys. His Blow Away "rap" would get the whole crowd clapping along. I would kill to have his singing voice. After Brent passed it was hard to listen to Vince with his high squeaky voice harmonize with the band.

    After years of hearing Brent with maybe the best voice of the lot. One reason I like 80's Dead is Brent's ability to get real trippy yet stay right along with the band at every turn. Such as 85 Riverbend 87 Kingswood, among many,many other shows. Like in Uncle Johns Band, "like the morning sun you come, like the wind you go". Can't you spare just one god damn minute? Yeah, Brent was the man.

    The Master Of all Brents songs Blow Away is by far a lifting point at any show with or with out the rap. Its hard to talk about all that Brent brought to our bad of misfits because to me he was truly a master of his art. To see that leslie wheel spinning from the B3 I thought it was gonna go thru the cabinet.

    Blow Away at the Knick I was there and I knew Brent and that was the one song that has always stood out to me at the Knick shows that year and I have talked about it over the years since he left us. He stood up while singing and playing Blow Away that night.

    I need to know the name of this song. Lyrics go: " Who can say where the wind blows. . ."?

    I felt he was crying out. I still get goose bumps when I hear that song from that night. Not only do I miss Jerry but miss Brent too! Just my take on it. Love all, Scott. Thanks David I too was deeply saddened when Brent died.

    Xandria Music Lyrics | Xandria

    I didn't see the band again until one last show during the final tour. TC is interesting to me as a musician, and I've appreciated Pig more as a keyboard player with recent high-quality releases e. Dave's Picks Keith and Brent I remember one of Dick's Picks with some '74 Phil and Ned space. I have a bootleg tape with an entire 45 minute side of it! I also enjoyed the family piano anecdote. I was thinking of ours earlier when I called my mother in Maine from Thailand. She has a beautiful limited edition rosewood Steinway baby grand in our house there.

    "Who's to Say Where the Wind Will Blow" by Carol Carpentier

    I miss my stereo, music collection, 3 bass guitars 2 amps , and trombone; all there as well. She dropped out of music school in her youth, and gave up on her dream of going into music therapy, although she did have a good stint in her later years as Assistant Dean at the Yale Music School. Happy birthday, Brent! Somehow, saying Happy Birthday doesn't seem exactly right, but I did want to recognize the day of his birth, and once again mourn his early departure.

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