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An evening of innovative performance featuring a procession of mobile electric guitars in honor of Sasaki Garden set aglow with enchanting lights. Interactive song cycle brought to life in the picturesque setting of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Irish Arts Center Winter Solstice Celebration

Thank you to all Make Music New York performers, host venues, project leaders, community partners and volunteers for bringing […]. Make Music Winter, Friday, Dec.

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In the bustling plaza, filled with the sound of plucked guitar strings, bells, flutes, regional songs and loudspeaker announcements, Segundo encounters the mayor of the city, partaking in a lively dance on stage, and other government and organization-level event supporters. Two buses later, he is sitting next to a river by San Pablo Lake eating traditional potatoes and chicken, shared by a nearby neighborhood initiating a new bathing site for the night's ritual.

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A downhill walk carries him to a final reporting place by the Peguche waterfall, where bathers will flock in a few hours to commence one of Inti Raymi's best known celebrations. Fernando, an artisan from Peguche, looks forward to Inti Raymi as his favorite day of the year. At midnight on the Friday after Solstice, he found a spot along the river to bathe in the running waters from the nearby Peguche waterfall.

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Massive lines of people wound up the grass path — mostly locals, with a sprinkling of tourists and foreigners — and shuffled in and out to take their place in water. For Radio Iluman, one of many organizations in this region of Ecuador working to strengthen Kichwa identity, discussions and celebrations of Inti Raymi are part of a much longer, storied effort.


Giles Swayne Winter solstice carol The English words are mine; they are intertwined with the plainchant Magnificat antiphon for the 2nd vespers of Christmas. It is a great honour to be asked to write the new King's carol, and it would be dangerously easy to turn out a pretty piece of genteel Englishry.

Laura Pettigrew: Winter Solstice. Just Flutes, London

However, I have too great a respect for the musical, intellectual and moral rigour of King's as a Trinity man, I admit this with some reluctance to produce a sample of the woolly-minded pap which all too often passes for religious music. The intellectual rigour of Cambridge was probably quickened by the rigour of its winters, which despite all the valiant efforts of global warmers have to be suffered to be believed.

In the depths of a Cambridge winter it requires no imagination at all to appreciate the importance of the Winter solstice festival on to which Christmas was grafted.

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In those distant days, before central heating, anoraks, hot chocolate and thermal underwear, midwinter must have seemed seriously bleak, and Spring an improbable dream.